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Experienced & Established

Flaherty Roofing has been serving the Natick, MA area and beyond for over 50 trusted years. We are proud to be local; committed to 

excellence in quality, service, and detail. For all of your roofing needs, we are here to serve you!

Roof Repair & Replacement

No one should put off fixing a leak in their roof!

It's important to get it fixed - ASAP - because indoor humidity will increase; leading to compromised insulation, mold growth, and ending in a damaged attic.

Ice Dam Prevention and Roof Snow-Shoveling

We specialize in ice dam prevention, and if the jaws of winter have already struck - we are always there for you during those unfortunate moments. 


Rock Walls and Custom Fire Pits are one of the many hidden talents that Michael has perfected over the years!

Custom Woodwork

What do you get when you combine recycled pallets and landscape architecture? ...You get a 'RAW' wall!

In his free time, Michael is always creating and designing new things to set his home apart from the rest . If you're interested in bringing your own yard to life with a 'RAW' wall, don't hesitate to call today!

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